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Hulk Angry, Hulk Protest

February 11, 2010

The Iranian Green Movement has been in full swing since the disputed elections in June of 2009. Iranian citizens took to the streets wearing green and waiving green flags in protest of Ahmadinejad reelection. The student let protests were largely censored by the Iranian government, preventing news reports from leaving the country (except via Twitter). While the protests in the streets have subsided, the movement is very much alive in Iranian sports.

In their World Cup Qualifier, the Iranian Soccer Team wore green wrist bands in support of Moussavi. The plays wore the wrist bands despite government censorship knowing full well that the event’s popularity would prevent the match from being censored

Think Progress Reports:

After half-time, only one player kept his green wristband on. Iranian bloggers speculated that “Ali Abadi, chairman of the Iranian Football Federation (FFI), who is close to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, had telephoned Seoul during half time and instructed the players to remove the green wristbands immediately.”

Hulk Angry Hulk Smash

Earlier this month the Green movement took a hilarious turn, as Body building champion Rashid Ghaleh Shahini painted his entire body green in solidarity with the Iranian Green movement, when he participated in the Fajr body building championship of Western Islamabad.

The Bodybuilder used green paint to protest the 2009 elections, while simultaneously giving nerds all over the world a shred of hope that all that comic book collecting , superhero costumes, live action role playing and comic-con attendance was not in vain.

While I support Mr. Shahini’s point of view, I find it hilarious that being a real-life portrait of the Incredible Hulk was the best way in which Shahini could protest the elections in Iran.

Persian2English notes:

An Islamabad blog post reported: “Ghaleh Shahini who has in numerous tournaments, even on the national level, made us proud, appeared in these championships with his impressive body in the green color of the Green movement. The championship organizers, however, refused to let him compete and expelled him from the tournament. He could have easily shined at the championship and was visibly by far the best contender.

Apparently Hulk Angry, Hulk Protest!


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