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How to be a Winner

March 4, 2010

So you’re awesome, and you think everyone should know it? Take a few tips from this Texas Attorney on how to be a winner. This dude is by far my legal hero:

Above the Law notes:

Texas attorney Adam Reposa is not shy about singing his own praises. The man registered with the State Bar as “Bulletproof,” after all. He’s not jailproof, though. He was slapped with contempt of court charges for making the “jerk-off gesture” within sight of the judge, and sentenced to 90 days in prison.

Below is this dude’s awesome business card. Enjoy!

It’s unconfirmed whether the claims on this card are true but, Above the Law did point out that we must point out that he did manage to get his own 90-day jail sentence shaved down to less than two weeks. He went to jail on February 2 and was released on February 12 (to serve the rest of his sentence at home).

This guy knows how to win and you should know it! Lawyering Texas one DUI at at a time!


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